Artist: Prince Title: For You Year: 1978 Tracklist: For You 01:07 In Love 03:37 Soft And Wet 03:02 Crazy You 02:17 Just As Long As We're Together 06:24 Baby 03:10 My Love Is Forever 04:11 So Blue 04:30 I'm Yours 05:01

Recorded when Prince was only 19, he's already producing, writing (just one co-write on lyrics), and playing all the instruments. The arrangements are unremarkable light soul, all love songs, decent but ordinary, and his voice is pretty but doesn't hint at his later accomplishments. The single "Soft and Wet" starts to introduce his singular touch with synthesizers, and has his first sexual lyrics. The headbanger "I'm Yours" is the other standout tune, and "Just As Long As We're Together" combines some very corny lyrics with his first released one-man jam.