Artist: Prince Title: Prince Year: 1979 Tracklist: I Wanna Be Your Lover 05:50 Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? 03:49 Sexy Dancer 04:18 When We're Dancing Close And Slow 05:23 With You 04:00 Bambi 04:22 Still Waiting 04:15 I Feel For You 03:24 It's Gonna Be Lonely 05:27

Prince, with his Bee Gee-esque falsetto voice, could be the best indication of the next direction of Black music in the post-disco age. While some of the material on this LP (all composed, produced, arranged, and played-every instrument--by Prince) is quite danceable, the arrangements are such that there is plenty of intelligently played music going on behind the sturdy beat. Most of the LP is clearly rock, and the ballads, which sometimes feel as if they could turn into mush, never do, but remain soft and emotionally performed. One cut ("Bambi") rocks out with Hendrix-like guitar, and the hit, "I Wanna Be Your Lover," is joyously danceable.
Something for everyone who wants to hear state-of-the-art pop/R & B.