Artist: Prince Title: Girl 6 Year: Tracklist: She Spoke 2 Me Pink Cashmere Count The Days Girls & Boys The Screams Of Passion Nasty Girl Erotic City Hot Thing Adore The Cross How Come U Donīt Call Me Anymore Donīt Talk 2 Strangers Girl 6

There is one really new song here, the title track, which is an unmelodic soft-porn heavy breather. Then there are two unreleased tracks out of the vaults, which are both very good,though routine for him: another sensuous horn-backed groove ("She Spoke 2 Me"), and another lovely ballad ("Don't Talk 2 Strangers"). The album is filled out with ten previously released tracks, and almost all of them rank among his finest work ("Adore," "Girls & Boys," "Pink Cashmere") but they're redundant for the fans, who are the only people who'll buy this record anyway.