Artist: Prince Title: One night Year: 2002 Tracklist: Rainbow Children Muse 2 The Pharaoh Xenophobia Extraordinary Mellow 1+1+1 is 3 The Other Side Of The Pillow Strange Relationship When U Were Mine Avalanche Family Name Take Me With U Raspberry Beret Everlasting Now One Nite Alone... Adore I Wanna B Ur Lover Do Me, Baby Condition Of The Heart (interlude) Diamonds And Pearls The Beautiful Ones Nothing Compares 2 U Free Starfish And Coffee Sometimes It Snows In April How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore ? Anna Stesia

The music is tight and surprising at times. Prince's rapport with the audience is felt and he does have a couple racy moments, to my delight_ but all that is toned down since those royal bygone days of wild. The music is strikingly polished and professional, but a lot of times, it lacks that certain exotic something or fusion, or direction that made Prince's sound a sexy stand out. Prince celebrates freedom and God much more these days, but to me, he sounds more restrictive and more traditional than ever before_ less daring in his sound and his style. His band members were given too many solo opportunities ( should have been edited a bit), and they played it well, but I felt like I've heard these solos somewhere before. Also, I wish he'd stop playing 'Raspberry Beret' and 'Take me With You' back-to-back_ wasn't that on the Rave DVD the same way? Ok, but there's still nuff cool tracks to enjoy like Xenophobia, Extraordinary, Family Name and Joy in Repetition, among others. He didn't rock out as much as I would have liked_ Joy in Repetition makes me wish Bambi and the Ride were included_ that man can tear up a guitar.
The worse thing about the product, in my humble opinion, were those photos ( except for the excellent cover portrait on the box). The 50 something page booklet is a waste of trees, and probably partly responsible for the high cost of this set.


The concert pics are too often amateurish, and there are a couple really unflattering images of Prince throughout the whole thing. There's a lot of confessions talking about how great the show was and other literature about how he's got his mojo back, that comes off pretentious to me and offers no entertainment or insight. I can hear the music, I don't need to be told at lenght how great it is. Also, in the concert Prince talks about how we should see diversity as a good cause to unite, but in the booklet there is literature about how contemoprary Pop tunes are a product and not 'real music'_ I think that exemplifies diversity as well, and Prince should probably quit dissing it. Visually, the booklet could have been much more interesting, and shorter_ In this case, less would have been more. At the end of the booklet are 2 collaged images of Prince, shot from odd perspectives, accompanying the text: no longer led by the ways of man, he looked for the kingdom deep within. I would encourage this artist to look outside more_ there's still so much to learn from there.
Finally, the ' It Aint Over' Bonus CD sounds so cut-and-paste. I wish he would just have release a single aftershow and not these little pieces from various performances weaved togehter to sound like one aftershow.
You aint gonna find talent like this anywhere, but alas Warner Bros may have had the right ideas on what to release, because these dayz Bootleggers peddle this artist's music and his image much better than the artist himself_ that's too bad.