Artist: Prince Title: One night alone Year: 2002 Tracklist: One Nite Alone U're Gonna C Me Here On Earth A Case Of U Have A Heart Objects In The Mirror Avalanche Pearls B4 The Swine Young And Beautiful Arboretum (instrumental)

One Nite Alone

In a pale blue spotlight
A figure spins around and the voice calls out 2 U:
"Baby, do U like the sound?"
The undulating acrobat ready 2 do your bidding says:
"Come, U must let me dress U
But first, I must do a fitting"
Do U like it fast?
Do U like it slow?
I know it's better if we make it up as we go
And oh, by the way, tell me now, what's your name?

I'll let it sweeten my tongue just once
And never speak it again
Since this is our little secret
Just once and never speak it again
This is our little secret

Untarnished memory in a pale blue spotlight
Oh, let me hear U scream
If U're ready 4 one nite alone...
With me

U're Gonna C Me

I know I'm not gonna sleep 2nite, baby
Cuz U're not by my side and that ain't right
I thought that we bought this bed 4 2, yeah
But what good is it if I'm not with U?

Gimme a page on my 2-way
I'll hit U back with no delay
When U hear all I've got 2 say
U're gonna c me
Whether in person or the phone
I've got 2 get U all alone
And when I do, baby, ooh, it's on
And U're gonna c me

There's never a minute that I find, yeah
That U don't ever cross my mind
If U could just hold me tight U'd c
There's nothing harder 4 U than me

Gimme a page on my 2-way
I'll hit U back with no delay

U're the reason I took a rope and lassoed the moon
2 prove that when it comes 2 U there's nothing I won't do
I'd stare into the sun if U would be mine
It's not so great a leap since 2 all others I am blind

Ooh, all the love, all the love, ooh-hoo

I know that I'm not gon' sleep 2nite

Here On Earth

Did U know?

Imagine a young woman runnin' 4 her very life
Tr-tr-tr-tryin' 2 get away from the one who loves her
This young woman
Huh, your wife

Into an alley - cold and rainy
October, just before dawn
Leaping atop a mountain of bricks
Her clothes, now covered with sick
The danger, hardly gone
She turns and curses the day she met U
And that she wishes she was never born

Say it's just a dream, just a dream, just a dream
(It's just a dream, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream)
U open up your eyes and come 2 realize
U simply imagined this, simply imagined this
(Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream)
So U lean over and give her a kiss

Here on earth, here on earth
With U it's not so bad
Here on earth, here on earth
I don't feel so sad

Stayin' right here, I'm stayin' right here
Here on earth

A Case Of U

I'm a lonely painter
I live in a box of paints
I used 2 be frightened by the devil
And drawn 2 those ones that weren't afraid

Remember U told me love was touching souls?
Surely U touched mine
Part of U pours out of me
From time 2 time in these lines (From time 2 time, these lines)

U're in my blood like holy wine
U're so bitter and so sweet, oh (So bitter, so sweet)
I could drink a case of U, oh darling (Darling)
And still be on my feet, yeah
I'd still be on my feet

U're in my blood like holy wine
U're so bitter, so bitter, so, so sweet, oh
(Bitter, bitter, U're oh so sweet)
And I could drink a case of U, ooh darling, oh yeah, yeah
And I'd still be on my feet and I'd still be on my ...
Still be on my feet, I-I'd still-ill-ill...

Have A Heart

I heard the news from a friend of mine and yours
She said the smell of missing me was coming from your pores
She said I broke your heart so bad that I didn't deserve U back
But don't U have 2 have a heart first b4 U get it broken?
Don't U have 2 wanna tell the truth b4 the word is spoken?

So what about the heartbreak?
Everybody's had one, see?

The fault of mine goes from LA 2 the streets of NYC
But I ain't cryin' about payments overdue, ooh
I got some milk but no drop is spilled over thangs U put me through
Can't U see we're all just tryin', tryin' 2 get this hustle on
Lookin' 4 the righteous 2 buy in till we right every one of the wrongs

(Ooh) So what about the heartbreak?
Everybody's had one, see, yeah?
Have a heart (Have a heart)

Objects In The Mirror

That's my favorite time with U
Just after we make a movie
The kind that requires the title:
"Parental Advisory"

Let's brush our teeth in the same sink
Don't worry girl, it's cool
We can pose in the mirror
I'm diggin' U diggin' on me, yeah, an' me diggin' on U

We hooked up now, I can try her
I can put my load in the dryer
So much we can share
The same height, weight and body fluid
We've hooked up now, we can do it

I've been waitin' baby (I've been waitin', been waitin')
But it's so hard 2 bear
But the objects in the mirror (But the objects in the mirror)
The objects in the mirror (The objects in the mirror)
Are closer, closer, closer than they appear


He was not or never had been in favor
Of setting our people free, oh no
If it wasn't 4 the 13th Amendment, yessir
We woulda been born in slavery

He was not or never had been in favor, no
Of letting us vote, so U see
Abraham Lincoln was a racist, oh yessir
Who said, "U cannot escape from history"

Like the snow comin' down the mountain
That landed on Wounded Knee
Nobody wants 2 take the weight
The responsibility

Ooh, hoo, hear the joyous sound of freedom
The Harlem Renaissance
Hear Duke Ellington and his band kick another jungle jam
Ooh, do U wanna dance?

(Who?) But who's that lurking in the shadows? (Who is it?)
Mr. John Hammond (With his pen in hand, pen in hand)
Oh he's sayin', "Sign your kingdom over 2 me, yeah
And be known throughout the land!"

Oh, but U ain't go no money, naw, U ain't got no cash
So U sign yo name, he claims innocence
Just like every snowflake in an avalanche
Oh, oh, oh...

Coming down the mountain
Oh, that landed, landed, landed, Wounded Knee
Oh, nobody, don't nobody wanna, don't nobody wanna take the weight
Of responsibi... responsibility

Pearls B4 The Swine

Da da da da da da da {x2}

If I leave my front door open
Would U come and visit me
Just 2 slander my name hopin'
That I would pack my bags and leave?

If I did would U remember
2 feed the dove and clean the cage
And never count in front of the children
Lest they die of old age?

I don't really know
Why we have 2 go our separate ways (Separate ways)
Whether or not we grow after the seeds are sown
Only time can say-ay-ay

Can I offer U baklava
Or a bagel with cream cheese?
Will we say grace 2 Our Father
Holding hands down on our knees?

Or are we better off just fighting:
U on your side, me on mine? (We don't have 2 fight) (No we don't)
Are the words that I keep writing
Only pearls b4 the swine?

What makes men claim that U're a friend
When U're not at all? (They just want)
They knock U down and then
They lift U up again
Just 2 see U fall

But like a bird I'll keep on singing
A song that never leaves your mind
If nothing else U've taught me one thing:
"Never cast your pearls b4 the swine"

Young And Beautiful

So young'n'beautiful
So young'n'beautiful

U're so young and beautiful
U're so full of life, everybody knows
That's why they try 2 take advantage of U
But U don't have 2 do what the others do

U're so cool, the world at your feet (Wee-ooh)
They only want your virginity
Keep your clothes on, your chastity
Until U find the one that's worth it, baby

So young and beautiful
U're so young and beautiful

U're so fine my heart's just poundin'
If I had the chance 2 lay U down
I'd probably take a rain check till next summer
Cuz I don't wanna be like all your other lovers

Young and beautiful
Young and beautiful

U're so young and beautiful
I'm hippin' U 2 the game, darlin'
So that U'll always remain
Young and beautiful
Young and beautiful
Aw yeah